Mortal kombat Armageddon

What would the 90s arcade scene have looked like without Mortal Kombat? — Wait, scratch that.

What would our popular culture look like were it not once guided by the gentle hand of Mortal Kombat? Movies, television shows, comic books, card games, novels, evening newscasts denouncing the evils of pulling spines out of little sculptured warriors – the Mortal Kombat games, for better or worse, defined how our country looked at video games. And with Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, this generation’s final MK, 62 characters reunite for one last bloody hurrah.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon isn’t just a game. Why, it’s the end of an American era.

Pay your respects with our Mortal Kombat: Armageddon guide, complete with:

  • BASICS // The do’s and don’ts on your quest for total supremacy of all realms of Mortal Kombat. Includes a look at the new features of Armageddon, including Kustom Fatalities and a revamped Krypt.
  • KOMBATANTS // Sub-Zero or Scorpion? Ashrah or Meat? Strategies and combos for every character in the game to end your dilemma.
  • KONQUEST // Just what is going on in this game? Konquest Mode answers your questions, while our Konquest section reveals the location of all 60 relics.
  • MOTOR KOMBAT // Every racer reviewed, though we make no judgments on how eco-friendly each kart is.











Stance Switch



Controls Chart

Combos are the lifeblood of the Mortal Kombat series, so most people tend to gravitate towards the powerful characters capable of stringing together attacks with devastating results. The series has lightened up a bit since it gone 3D, mainly due to the introduction of death traps and arena weapons, which give projectile and poking characters more options.

The most powerful combos are air combos. Every character has at least one or two moves per stance that will launch the opponent into the air, who can then be further attacked as they fall back towards the ground. Once you settled on your character, it’s paramount to find which moves will start the air combo, and which moves should be used to end it (typically, the moves with the most button inputs will also deal the most damage).

Special moves 
Special moves have been decreasing in usefulness over the years, though they’ve made some progress in Armageddon. Roughly half of them still aren’t too great, or too dangerous to use during battle, but the good ones can keep you safe or integrate well into a combo. Check the overview on each combatant to see what’s going to make the cut in the heat of battle.


You’ll usually want to block low. Not only will they let high attacks swish around harmlessly above your head, you’ll be able to quickly counterattack with your own combo. In addition, a significant number of the uppercut moves that punch the opponent into the air start in this position.

The block button is also used for parries and breakers, which interrupt attacks. Parries push the opponent back, while breakers knock the opponent to the ground. While breakers are impressive, you only get three per match so use them wisely. Save them for the second and third rounds.

With edges to fall off and death traps ever present, not to mention weapons strategically littered throughout the arenas, sidestepping is an important move to get away from traps and maybe pick up a weapon along the way. Sidestepping is riskier than blocking and should only be used against projectiles or when you feel confident it’ll pay off. Sidestep your opponent to avoid their combos and start your own.

The Krypt is a dark and dingy room that contains all the unlockable items (alternate costumes, concept art, tunes, arenas, etc) available in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. To unlock these items, you either have to fork over its designated koin cost, or unlock them in Konquest Mode if that choice is available. Naturally, why bother spending koins on items you can find in Konquest Mode? And to take that question further, why bother playing Konquest mode if you’re not going to go all the way?

The most important items in Konquest Mode are called relics, little mementos from Mortal Kombat’s wide and bloody history. For every 10 relics collected, you’re given a reward. Collect all 60 relics and everything in the Krypt is unlocked. Yep, every last thing. And since you didn’t waste any koins in the Krypt, these koins can now be used in Armageddon’s amazing and incredibly flexible Kreate-a-Fighter mode. With your newfound wealth, you’ll be able create the most fearsome Wolverine or Jack Bauer clone Xbox Live will have ever seen.


Upon returning to the Netherrealm, leave the main city and follow the beam of light to Scorpion. After a somewhat lengthy dialogue with the undead hero, he’ll train you in his combat arts.

In Konquest Mode, you control Taven, a resurrected (in a way) warrior who must discover his purpose within the realms of Mortal Kombat. His quest is split up in 14 stages, each filled with bad dudes to take down, warriors to fight in Mortal Kombat, and a supply of items to collect spreading beyond this realm and the next. Most of the items are Krypt-centric, such as soundtracks and alternate costumes. You can collect them here in Konquest Mode as opposed to saving up and purchasing them separately in the Krypt with your koins. However, those koins are better spent on creating a kick ass fighter in Kreate-a-Fighter. So focus on collecting all 60 relics instead, little mementos of Mortal Kombat’s history spread throughout Konquest mode, which will unlock everything in the Krypt.

For each map, the green dot denotes the level’s starting area and the red dots are the relics.

1. Kobra’s Glove. Break the first log in your path and you’ll find this glove in the middle of the path

2. Kira’s Knife. Before the fight with Kobra, there is a stump to your left. Break it to find the knife.

3. Kai’s Wristbands. Once you enter the cave, walk up the path a bit and look to the right.

4. Cage’s Picture. Right before the section of spitting star statues is a magnifying glass. Pick it up and Cage’s Picture will appear.

5. Jarek’s Vest. After you get ambushed by the Black Dragons and dispose of them, check one of the doors they spawned from to find the vest.

6. Kabal’s Mask. In the second area with the Black Dragons, the mask will be in the left side of the fighting area. Pick it up before you finish the fight.

7: Dairou’s Keys. In the first room, stick to the left wall and you’ll find the keys

8. Hotaru’s Flag. From the keys, go to the opposite side and uncover this well-hidden flag.

9. Stryker’s Radio. In the balcony room where you’re ambushed by the red bad guys, you’ll find the radio next to a treasure chest.

10. Moloch’s Ball. Turn around from where the Radio lies and go the opposite wall, where a treasure chest and this ball awaits.

11. Hsu Hao’s Watch. After the obnoxious crushing spikes, walk straight and pick up the watch. Can’t miss it.

12. Cyrax’s Bomb. Once the level starts, take the left path and you’ll find the Bomb in the plain view.

13. Kung Lao’s Hat. In the room where you need to find a keycard, inspect the first corpse you see to get this stylish hat.

14. Nightwolf’s Axe. Don’t miss the axe in the room where you uppercut bad guys into the fan. It’s on the opposite side of the exit door.

15. Sektor’s Rocket. You’ll find this rocket in the room where you obtain the fireball power. It’s to the right of the exit door.

16. Jade’s Bracelet. In the room where you find the green sword, you’ll also find Jade’s Bracelet spinning around in plain sight.

17. Sonya’s I.D. In the next hallway, you’ll encounter two patrol men. You don’t need to kill them, but taking out the one on the left will net you Sonya’s I.D

4. Arctika

18. Baraka’s Blade. You’ll find this in the starting area to your left.

19. Blaze’s Essence. In the area where you rescue the abbot, light the unlit fire pit with a fireball and it’ll spit out this item.

20. Havik’s Mask. At the first gauntlet of crushing mechanisms, you’ll find this Mask to your left after the first mechanism.

21. Ermac’s Gem. After the gauntlet, you’ll fight a band of warriors. In the corner is a campfire and behind that will be the Gem

22. Jax’s Beret. After being ambushed by warriors and dispatching them with your sword, there is a wall of snow in front of you in the next area. Knock it down.

23. Darrius’ Shades. Continue on from the Beret and you’ll see a magnifying glass in plain view. Pick it up to reveal the Shades behind a campfire.

24. Rain’s Mask. After a while, you’ll have your first encounter with Lin Kuei archers, and then another set of spinning blades. Pick up the magnifying glass among the blades to discover the location of Rain’s Mask

25. Ashra’s Doll. After another assault of Lin Kuei archers and spinning blades, break the snow wall to your left before you go through the doors.

26. Kano’s Mask. At this section, you’ll be bombarded with arrows and flaming catapult rocks. To your right you’ll find Kano’s Mask.

5. Lin Kuei Palace

27. Shang’s Stone. In the first hallway, get the stone from this pot. Ahem.

28. Frost’s Mask. Next is a doorway covered in ice. Break the ice with your fists, pick up the magnifying glass, defeat Frost, and pick up her mask.

29. Sub-Zero’s Amulet. Toss a fireball at the statue (the one the arrow of koins is pointing towards) for the amulet.

30. Kitana’s Fan. After forming an alliance with Sub-Zero, the first hallway you run down will have this fan.

31. Liu Kang’s Armband. In the next room, you’ll scrimmage with the army of shadow stalkers. To your left will be a dead body. Check it three times for the armband.

32. Onaga’s Helmet. In the hallway immediately after the shadow stalker fight, hug the left wall until you find some cracks. Break open the crack, dodge the fireballs, and you’ll discover this helmet.

33. Noob’s Stars. In the same hallway, break the next cracked wall on your left. Again, avoid the fireball and break open the pots, one of which will hide the stars.

34. Smoke’s Mask. Find this mask in the hallway after you trounce Smoke.

6 + 7. Krimson Forest, Red Dragon Caves

35. Sindel’s Brush. Pick up this memento at the starting area. It’s in front of you, to the left. The Krimson Forest level does not have a map. Right after the Krimson Forest fight, you’ll warp to the Red Dragon Caves, whose map is listed above.

36. Fujin’s Cape. Once inside the caves, look to your left. Wedged between the chest and the wall is the cape.

37. Tanya’s Choker. Continue down and take the first left. Break through these barrels and you’ll find the choker hidden before the door.

38. Mavado’s Hooks. Walk into the room where you learn Time Stop. Directly to your left (in front of the A1 door) are the hooks.

39. Daegon’s Belt. Same room as above, next to the computers on the right side of the room.

40. Kenshi’s Blindfold. On the bridge where you first encounter the lizard monsters, on the opposite side from where you enter.

41. Sareena’s Sash. Right after the burly brawl with Sareena, Jataka, and Kia, one of the two barrels on your left in the next hallway will have the sash.

42. Reptile’s Medal. In the next room, cross the bridge but don’t wander too close to Reptile. Break this barrel on your left to find the medal.

8. Netherrealm Cliffs

43. Shinnok’s Crown. After the first freefall, you can pick up this crown during the fight with the undead.

44. Li Mei’s Sandals. After jumping down a few more levels, you’ll come across a section that requires you to pound some switches. Once done, a wall will break, leading to a monolith and these sandals.

9. Shinnok’s Spire

45. Bo Rai Cho’s Jug. On the second floor, when you’re fighting the summoner demon and its imps, check one of the corners for this sporty jug.

46. Nitara’s Orb. Keep fighting your way up until you enter a room with a flaming sword. Look to your left and there’ll lie the orb.

10. Shao Kahn’s Fortress

47. Shao Kahn’s Helmet. Destroy the pillar on the right located at the start to get this skull helmet.

48. Mileena’s Veil. From the pillars, stay to the left, go into the building, and climb the stairs. Successfully avoid the rolling spiked balls and you’ll find the balcony along with the veil.

49. Meat’s Steak. Go the other balcony to activate a switch that opens the gate. Inside the gate, you’ll be forced into a battle on an elevator. On the left side you’ll find this unsual item.

11. Shao Kahn’s Fortress: Dungeon

50. Quan Chi’s Amulet. Once descending further into the fortress, one of the first rooms will challenge you to defeat enemies in less than two minutes. This amulet is in the corner close to the door you entered from.

51. Drahmin’s Mask. Open the cells and free the prisoners in the next room. Go back to the first cell on the right to pick up this mask.

52. Mokap’s Sensors. Continue back up the hallway and enter the last cell on your left to find Mokap’s lost sensor.

53. Shujinko’s Medal. After putting the executioner out of commission and free Shujinko, enter his cell and take the medal.

12. Shao Kahn’s Fortress: In the Shadow of the Colossus

54. Sheeva’s Earrings. During the fight with the Shao Kahn statue, fireball the orb on the right. The fire below will douse itself and reveal these earrings.

55. Kintaro’s Armor. Repeat the above step, this time on the orb on the far left.

56. Goro’s Gauntlets. Repeat the above step, this time on the orb on the near left.

13. Shao Kahn’s Fortress: Throne Room

57. Raiden’s Hat. After clearing the first batch of enemies, take the right path and you’ll see the iconic hat.

58. Reiko’s Chest Plate. Continuing down the same path, you’ll come across this unlit torch. Light up and you’ll get this nifty reward. Note: this can only be activated after you defeat Reiko.

14. Edenian Ruins

59. Scorpion’s Spear. Scorpion’s Spear will be in plain view after defeating the initial wave of enemies.

60. Motaro’s Horn. After crushing the skulls at the cliff, continue forward where about half a dozen treasure chests will materialize. Towards the end, you’ll find the horn in plain view.

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