Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

“Mortal Kombat has always been, and always will be… For millennia, the forces of good and evil have been locked in eternal battle over the control of Earthrealm. Some seek to use the tournament to destroy all that is good. Others seek vengeance, power, or eternal life. Time after time, each individual threat has been vanquished, and Earthrealm has enjoyed relative peace for many years. But there is concern that Earth is once again in peril. And this time, the threat of evil has two faces.

It is now known that the sorcerer Quan Chi has escaped from the Netherrealm. Since his escape, Quan Chi has unlocked the secret of the ancient Runestone, discovered the ancient undefeatable army of the long forgotten Dragon King, and most disturbing of all, formed an alliance with one of our deadliest enemies… Shang Tsung.

With their combined strength, they plotted to overpower the only two beings who could prevent their total domination of the two realms. The first was the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. In a false show of allegiance, they sprung their attack. They then traveled to Earthrealm by way of a mystical portal known only to sorcerers and deities. There, they confronted Earth’s mightiest warrior and Champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang. It has been Shang Tsung’s desire to consume the soul of Earthrealm’s greatest warrior. With Quan Chi’s assistance, he achieved this goal.

Liu Kang is dead.

They have since returned to Outworld and are using the souls of conquered warriors to resurrect the Dragon King’s undefeatable army. Should they succeed, they will have the means to conquer Outworld…and eventually, Earthrealm. They will be unstoppable. I can no longer stand idly by and watch this evil consume the world. I have relinquished my status as Elder God to return to Earth and lead you all to battle against our old adversaries. We must act now. We must stop this Deadly Alliance!”

(These are the words of Raiden.)


Konquest mode is the meat of the single player experience in MK:DA. There are 8 training missions that you must go through before Konquest even begins. These training missions will teach you the fundamentals of the game. After that each character must go through 10 missions which serve as a quick tutorial for each character in the game.

Missions 1 – 3
Basic attacks for each of your three stances. Here you will learn how to attack high and attack low with each stance. The exception to this rule is Jax, where you will learn how to use his special moves first, such as his Piston Punch, Ground Shake and Machine Gun moves. These first three mission are fairly easy with any character as it’s supposed to give you a quick tutorial of what your character is capable of. With some characters you will run through the entire movelist and then be forced to run through it again, only next time your practice dummy will fight back. However this shouldn’t be hard for anyone to finish.

Mission 4 – 8
These missions teach you about your special moves and short combos for each stance. While the special moves are fairly easy to accomplish, the combos can give some people trouble if you’re not used to the timing. The best thing to remember is that you don’t need to press all of the buttons right away. In fact, the best time to press them are at the end of each attack animation. Pressing them too quickly will result in the attacks not coming out, so if you’re having trouble with a certain combo, try slowing down and taking your time. In Jax’s mission you will learn how to use your basic moves in each style instead of doing special moves and combos.

Here you will learn how to use Style Branch combos, which are combos that span all three stances. Everyone will go through this mission except for Drahmin, who instead goes through a Test Your Might challenge. The other type of mission you might have to go through is called Trial of Blood, where you must knock out pints of blood out of your opponent in the allotted time given. While the Trial of Blood challenge happens primarily for those characters with bladed weapons (such as Shang Tsung and Kano) other characters will have it too. The best way to bloody your practice dummy to a pulp is by impaling them with your weapon using Attack 5 and then hitting them as much as possible with just about any move. The impaled weapon will slowly drain blood out of them and you will be able to knock even more out of them with your attacks.

Mission 10
You must fight yourself in a mirror match and win 3 rounds out of 5. Your opponent will be tough, but you should be able to overcome them if you play smart. Smart blocking and counterattacking will definitely benefit you here. If your opponent has a Reversal in their arsenal, be aware that any attack you throw out can be used against you if they connect with it. If you’re having trouble against your clone pause the game and look in your movelists for your combo strings. These will help you out in your battle.

Once you have finished all 218 missions in Konquest mode, you will have the ability to unlock both Blaze and Mokap in The Krypt, so you should definitely take the time to go through Konquest.

The Krypt

The Krypt is an enormous room below the surface of the earth that contains 676 coffins that contain (or may not contain) various riches and prizes for you to purchase with Kurrency that you can obtain in the game. There are six types of Kurrency that you can get: Sapphire, Onyx, Jade, Ruby, Gold and Platinum. The hardest Kurrency to win are Onyx and Platinum as they can only be won through the Test Your Might and Test Your Sight mini-games. The others can be obtained through Konquest mode or Arcade mode. Listed below are the contents of each Koffin in The Krypt. We’ve taken the liberty of bolding the ones that are important, such as secret characters, alternate outfits for every character, secret arenas and empty koffins. Needless to say, you’ll be thankful that we’re pointing out the koffins that don’t contain anything.

KryptDescription of ContentsCost and Kurrency
AAQuan Chi1556 Gold Koins
ABKung Lao Sketch186 Gold Koins
ACLi Mei424 Platinum Koins
ADMoloch Sketches96 Sapphire Koins
AEMK2 Cabinet Security Panels118 Onyx Koins
AFRO: Rip Off!!!313 Platinum Koins
AGDeadly Alliance is Born258 Sapphire Koins
AHShang Tsung Sketch66 Gold Koins
AIQuan Chi’s Tattoos277 Onyx Koins
AJ38 Gold Koins26 Jade Koins
AKMoloch Promo Render432 Gold Koins
ALShang Tsung’s Palace287 Ruby Koins
AMMavado Coat Concepts192 Platinum Koins
ANPD: Pay Day!!!52 Gold Koins
AO57 Sapphire Koins105 Onyx Koins
APQuan Chi’s Throne154 Onyx Koins
AQScorpion Concept Sketch226 Ruby Koins
ARAlternate Outfit: Nitara2206 Jade Koins
ASPalace Exterior Sketch66 Jade Koins
ATSwamplands Sketch269 Ruby Koins
AUShang Tsung463 Gold Koins
AVSenate of the Elder Gods Test497 Ruby Koins
AW88 Ruby Koins76 Gold Koins
AXQuan Chi’s Inner Sanctum337 Gold Koins
AYConcept Characters258 Platinum Koins
AZTest Your Sight Concept442 Ruby Koins
BALin Kuei Temple Concept264 Onyx Koins
BBSub-Zero’s Medallion326 Ruby Koins
BCGiant Drummer Detail452 Gold Koins
BDAlternate Outfit: Kano1520 Sapphire Koins
BESwamplands Sketch67 Gold Koins
BF120 Jade Koins263 Platinum Koins
BGBaphomet Sketch217 Sapphire Koins
BHUltimate MK3 Arcade Marquee116 Jade Koins
BISonya Concept Sletch167 Jade Koins
BJGhost Ship178 Platinum Koins
BKDrum Arena Details136 Sapphire Koins
BLPortal Sphere145 Jade Koins
BMCharacter Concepts207 Onyx Koins
BNThe Grid: Guest Stars720 Onyx Koins
BOThe Grid: Noob Saibot305 Platinum Koins
BPThe Grid: MK Ninjas426 Gold Koins
BQAlternate Outfit: Kitana1327 Gold Koins
BRHint: FK: Fly Killer451 Onyx Koins
BSMavado Sketches253 Sapphire Koins
BTBlood Energy Drink291 Sapphire Koins
BUReptile Skin Lotion336 Platinum Koins
BVBackstage: MK4 Commercial371 Sapphire Koins
BWBackstage: MK4 Commercial329 Onyx Koins
BXBackstage: MK4 Commercial212 Platinum Koins
BYMK Gold Logo183 Gold Koins
BZMK4: Sonya and Tanya381 Platinum Koins
CAShang Tsung’s Palace Sketch218 Onyx Koins
CBOcto Garden Sketch252 Sapphire Koins
CCBook of Destiny376 Jade Koins
CDShang Tsungs Soul Concept261 Jade Koins
CEGreat Dragon Egg174 Jade Koins
CFFemale Character Concepts268 Onyx Koins
CGHint: JT: Johnny’s Tapes75 Sapphire Koins
CH92 Sapphire Koins48 Jade Koins
CITest Your Sight Concept271 Jade Koins
CJQuan Chi Sketches272 Ruby Koins
CKWu Shi Academy556 Jade Koins
CL492 Onyx Koins332 Gold Koins
CMHouse of Pekara Concept244 Gold Koins
CNSecret Character: Cyrax3003 Platinum Koins
COKano’s Cereal192 Ruby Koins
CPCarlos Pesina172 Ruby Koins
CQSenate of Elder Gods Concept272 Gold Koins
CRRaiden Sketch294 Platinum Koins
CS143 Ruby Koins89 Sapphire Koins
CTDragonfly Story588 Ruby Koins
CUSwamplands Sketch257 Sapphire Koins
CV71 Jade Koins121 Sapphire Koins
CWAcademy Promo Render226 Ruby Koins
CXScorpion Goes Back to Hell203 Gold Koins
CYSoul Cage Concept116 Ruby Koins
CZHsu Hao Concepts362 Onyx Koins
DA18 Sapphire Koins72 Ruby Koins
DBSoul Chamber Concept257 Sapphire Koins
DCMK3: Kung Lao vs Jax838 Onyx Koins
DDLifeguard Sonya355 Gold Koins
DECharacter Concepts126 Gold Koins
DFDan ‘Toasty’ Forden286 Platinum Koins
DGSonya Blade57 Jade Koins
DHShokan Warriors199 Gold Koins
DIQuan Chi on the Sax254 Sapphire Koins
DJ98 Ruby Koins186 Platinum Koins
DKAlternate Outfit: Johhny Cage1460 Ruby Koins
DLScorpion Cloth Test230 Platinum Koins
DMAcid Bath428 Onyx Koins
DN18 Jade Koins234 Sapphire Koins
DO221 Onyx Koins39 Gold Koins
DPMortal Kombat 2 Print Ad224 Jade Koins
DQHint: SF: Smelly Feet656 Platinum Koins
DRMavado Sketches273 Sapphire Koins
DSSecret Arena: Nethership1472 Ruby Koins
DTLi Mei Sketch332 Ruby Koins
DUMK3 Behind the Scenes368 Onyx Koins
DVEmpty257 Ruby Koins
DWCave Arena Concept157 Ruby Koins
DX579 Ruby Koins292 Jade Koins
DYHint: SS: Sword Sale94 Gold Koins
DZEmpty258 Onyx Koins
EAThe Lost Tomb258 Sapphire Koins
EBEd Boon237 Ruby Koins
ECSwamplands Sketch248 Sapphire Koins
ED949 Platinum Koins633 Platinum Koins
EEMythologies Home Verion1200 Platinum Koins
EFQuality Assurance: Chicago267 Gold Koins
EGMK3 Arcade Marquee74 Platinum Koins
EHReptile Sketch253 Onyx Koins
EIAction Figures512 Sapphire Koins
EJAction Figures547 Jade Koins
EKAction Figures424 Ruby Koins
ELAction Figures434 Platinum Koins
EMAction Figures405 Gold Koins
ENAction Figures246 Onyx Koins
EOAction Figures289 Sapphire Koins
EPAction Figures166 Jade Koins
EQAction Figure Vehicles256 Sapphire Koins
ERBo’ Rai Cho527 Platinum Koins
ESMortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Print Ad167 Platinum Koins
ETQuan Chi’s Face Texture86 Onyx Koins
EUDairou Drawings262 Ruby Koins
EVDrum Arena356 Ruby Koins
EWQuan Chi’s Chest Armor286 Platinum Koins
EXHint: ST: Sarna Test243 Onyx Koins
EYCyrax Sketch254 Platinum
EZBlood Stone Mine Concept412 Platinum
FACyrax Test Render263 Gold Koins
FBA Long Time Ago (Smash TV)248 Ruby Koins
FCA Softer Side to Cyrax310 Sapphire Koins
FDPortal Story156 Onyx Koins
FELi Mei Sketch242 Gold Koins
FFMK1: Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion1199 Gold Koins
FGDragonfly Concept Render291 Gold Koins
FHHouse of Pekara Concept215 Ruby Koins
FIDeadly Alliance Koins262 Platinum Koins
FJMK3 Arcade Cabinet179 Ruby Koins
FKBug Blaster520 Platinum
FLEarly MKDA Promo264 Sapphire Koins
FMPalace Exterior Sketch76 Sapphire Koins
FN1800 Jade Koins93 Jade Koins
FOMK2 Characters76 Ruby Koins
FPPalace Exterior Sketch46 Gold Koins
FQMK T-shirts283 Platinum
FRMK Youth Clothing401 Gold Koins
FSMK Sweatshirts389 Onyx Koins
FTMK T-shirts126 Sapphire Koins
FUEmpty20 Onyx Koins
FV243 Platinum Koins83 Platinum Koins
FWHint: Unleash Hell (UH)666 Ruby Koins
FXComic Book Art: 1 of 41492 Sapphire Koins
FYComic Book Art: 2 of 4127 Ruby Koins
FZComic Book Art: 3 of 41136 Onyx Koins
GAComic Book Art: 4 of 41572 Gold Koins
GBComic Book Art: 5 of 41458 Jade Koins
GCComic Book Art: 6 of 41412 Gold Koins
GDComic Book Art: 7 of 4174 Sapphire Koins
GEComic Book Art: 8 of 41277 Ruby Koins
GFComic Book Art: 9 of 41124 Platinum Koins
GGComic Book Art: 10 of 4163 Jade Koins
GHComic Book Art: 11 of 41418 Platinum Koins
GIComic Book Art: 12 of 41100 Sapphire Koins
GJComic Book Art: 13 of 41326 Platinum Koins
GKComic Book Art: 14 of 41379 Platinum Koins
GLComic Book Art: 15 of 41128 Ruby Koins
GMComic Book Art: 16 of 41555 Onyx Koins
GNComic Book Art: 17 of 4191 Gold Koins
GOComic Book Art: 18 of 41422 Sapphire Koins
GPComic Book Art: 19 of 4158 Jade Koins
GQComic Book Art: 20 of 41532 Jade Koins
GRComic Book Art: 21 of 41599 Onyx Koins
GSComic Book Art: 22 of 41185 Gold Koins
GTComic Book Art: 23 of 41307 Ruby Koins
GUComic Book Art: 24 of 41134 Sapphire Koins
GVComic Book Art: 25 of 41507 Platinum Koins
GWComic Book Art: 26 of 41264 Ruby Koins
GXComic Book Art: 27 of 4188 Onyx Koins
GYComic Book Art: 28 of 41351 Platinum Koins
GZComic Book Art: 29 of 41575 Ruby Koins
HAComic Book Art: 30 of 4162 Gold Koins
HBComic Book Art: 31 of 41626 Ruby Koins
HCComic Book Art: 32 of 41215 Onyx Koins
HDComic Book Art: 33 of 41176 Sapphire Koins
HEComic Book Art: 34 of 41478 Jade Koins
HFComic Book Art: 35 of 41203 Onyx Koins
HGComic Book Art: 36 of 41555 Gold Koins
HHComic Book Art: 37 of 41222 Platinum Koins
HIComic Book Art: 38 of 41225 Jade Koins
HJComic Book Art: 39 of 41637 Onyx Koins
HKComic Book Art: 40 of 41138 Gold Koins
HLComic Book Art: 41 of 41145 Sapphire Koins
HMBank Interior Sketch217 Onyx Koins
HNLung Hai Temple Sketch382 Jade Koins
HOScorpion Preliminary Model402 Jade Koins
HPSecret Arena: House of Pekara2093 Onyx Koins
HQSektor’s Helmet192 Onyx Koins
HRKonquest Mode Concepts187 Jade Koins
HSHerman Sanchez272 Jade Koins
HTIce Palace Test462 Jade Koins
HUMK Pinball435 Ruby Koins
HVMK Gold Print Ad306 Jade Koins
HWFire Well Concept56 Ruby Koins
HX38 Jade Koins238 Onyx Koins
HYKenshi’s Sword408 Sapphire Koins
HZShang Tsung’s Soulnado526 Onyx Koins
IAMK4 Logo37 Ruby Koins
IBForest Sketch275 Platinum Koins
ICMK Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em326 Platinum Koins
IDSub-Zero’s Coffee Mug340 Jade Koins
IE32 Pack of Adult Diapers653 Sapphire Koins
IFRiver Front Concept195 Ruby Koins
IGLava Shrine Exterior Concept208 Gold Koins
IHHint: IV: Icy Vixen567 Jade Koins
IISecret Arena: Lava Shrine1843 Gold Koins
IJQuan Chi’s Amulet314 Ruby Koins
IKLava Shrine Priests503 Platinum Koins
ILHint: DK: Dressed to Kill207 Gold Koins
IMChurch Concept227 Gold Koins
IN57 Gold Koins37 Sapphire Koins
IOHint: PH: Phat!244 Onyx Koins
IPHalloween Masks257 Onyx Koins
IQFortress Exterior Sketches257 Gold Koins
IR91 Sapphire Koins55 Jade Koins
ISSub-Zero’s Blade244 Ruby Koins
ITCharacter Concepts269 Ruby Koins
IUDairou Sketch342 Jade Koins
IVSecret Character: Frost208 Ruby Koins
IWHint: CN: Cyber Ninja198 Platinum Koins
IXMKDA Merchandise265 Sapphire Koins
IYMK Gold Endings281 Onyx Koins
IZJax Renderings201 Onyx Koins
JAStage: Kuatan Palace105 Gold Koins
JBProgrammers392 Sapphire Koins
JCFrost Sketches287 Gold Koins
JDSwamplands Test Render305 Jade Koins
JE59 Ruby Koins82 Platinum Koins
JFDrum Arena Sketch332 Ruby Koins
JGJon Greenberg272 Jade Koins
JHHsu Hao Sketches271 Gold Koins
JIMK4 Print Ad266 Jade Koins
JJ772 Sapphire Koins402 Gold Koins
JKLi Mei Sketch291 Jade Koins
JL92 Gold Koins168 Onyx Koins
JMShang Tsung Drawings218 Sapphire Koins
JNJohn Nocher252 Jade Koins
JOMK2 Arcade Board161 Onyx Koins
JPJohn Podlasek169 Gold Koins
JQKitana Sketches237 Ruby Koins
JRAlternate Outfit: Raiden1685 Ruby Koins
JSDragonfly Render294 Ruby Koins
JTJohnny Cage Videos259 Platinum Koins
JUPalace Interior Sketch266 Platinum Koins
JVJohn Vogel334 Ruby Koins
JWKano’s Reminder164 Sapphire Koins
JXRaiden Test Render167 Gold Koins
JYMK4 Home Version183 Sapphire Koins
JZEmpty25 Jade Koins
KASwamplands Sketch412 Onyx Koins
KBElder God Hall Sketch247 Jade Koins
KCDragonfly Test292 Gold Koins
KDArtists342 Jade Koins
KENitara Sketch402 Gold Koins
KFMavado128 Jade Koins
KGEdenia Golf Outfitters608 Jade Koins
KHCan of Squid382 Platinum Koins
KISecret Character: Kitana2931 Sapphire Koins
KJMK Baseball Caps248 Platinum Koins
KKMK4 Characters694 Sapphire Koins
KLCyrax Sketches202 Platinum Koins
KMMK Strategy Guides350 Jade Koins
KN15 Gold Koins7 Sapphire Koins
KOKonquest Mode Concepts197 Sapphire Koins
KPHint: MW: Mongol Warrior276 Ruby Koins
KQAlexander Barrentine282 Onyx Koins
KRSecret Arena: Palace Grounds4222 Sapphire Koins
KS216 Jade Koins503 Platinum Koins
KTMoloch Test Render275 Onyx Koins
KU322 Platinum Koins219 Jade Koins
KVArena Concepts256 Sapphire Koins
KWEmpty257 Sapphire Koins
KXAlternate Outfit: Li Mei1406 Sapphire Koins
KYMK1: Cage vs. Kano843 Platinum Koins
KZCharacter Concepts263 Jade Koins
LABlood Particle Details56 Ruby Koins
LBGame Play Wall Trick Ideas258 Jade Koins
LCGame Play Kicks and Dodges462 Sapphire Koins
LDGame Play Fatalities302 Onyx Koins
LEGame Play Face Strikes312 Platinum Koins
LFGame Play Special Moves305 Gold Koins
LGGame Play Throws195 Ruby Koins
LHGame Play Fatalities165 Jade Koins
LIGame Play Throws135 Sapphire Koins
LJNitara’s Crystal134 Gold Koins
LKWu Shi Academy Test268 Onyx Koins
LLSecret Character: Reptile3822 Gold Koins
LMLuis Mangubat165 Onyx Koins
LNChrome Bling306 Onyx Koins
LODeadly Alliance Website329 Onyx Koins
LPSub-Zero Sketch442 Ruby Koins
LQMK1 Arcade Goro477 Sapphire Koins
LRMKDA Box Art Concepts176 Gold Koins
LSMKDA Box Art Concepts157 Sapphire Koins
LTMKDA Logo Concepts105 Onyx Koins
LUMKDA Box Art Concepts170 Jade Koins
LVMKDA Box Art Concepts140 Ruby Koins
LWMidway Creative Media332 Gold Koins
LXEmpty147 Platinum Koins
LYMk4: Scorpion vs. Raiden160 Sapphire Koins
LZHint: FL: First Look511 Onyx Koins
MAJohnny Cage471 Ruby Koins
MBMike Boon188 Gold Koins
MCWu Shi Academy Sketches262 Platinum Koins
MDTools and Technology80 Onyx Koins
MEMKDA Print Ad237 Jade Koins
MF102 Onyx Koins58 Jade Koins
MGMK4 Road Tour134 Platinum Koins
MHMK4 Road Tour83 Gold Koins
MIMK4 Arcade Debut96 Gold Koins
MJEmpty268 Onyx Koins
MKMK1 Arcade188 Platinum Koins
MLAlternate Outfit: Shang Tsung1170 Gold Koins
MMBridge Arena Concept215 Ruby Koins
MNPortal176 Onyx Koins
MODrahmin Sketches177 Jade Koins
MPMK Basketball Concept314 Gold Koins
MQ412 Jade Koins278 Gold Koins
MRLung Hai Temple412 Ruby Koins
MSOutworld Concept Sketch253 Platinum Koins
MTMike Taran227 Gold Koins
MUSarna Ruins Concept218 Sapphire Koins
MVHsu Hao Sketches372 Platinum Koins
MWSecret Character: Hsu Hao3317 Jade Koins
MXPalace Exterior Sketch302 Platinum
MYMoloch’s Ball Sketches167 Jade Koins
MZAssassin for Hire383 Sapphire Koins
NASonya Sketch177 Ruby Koins
NBHouse of Pekara Render287 Jade Koins
NCNigel Casey275 Platinum Koins
NDEmpty212 Sapphire Koins
NEJax Concept Sketch270 Ruby Koins
NFScorpion Promo Render392 Ruby Koins
NG252 Platinum Koins63 Sapphire Koins
NHHachiman Sketch147 Onyx Koins
NIKitana Sketches422 Gold Koins
NJMK Lunch Time326 Gold Koins
NK116 Onyx Koins77 Jade Koins
NLWu Shi Academy Monk252 Gold Koins
NMScorpion Online Promo Image182 Sapphire Koins
NNBlaze Sketches452 Jade Koins
NOKabal’s Helmet426 Jade Koins
NPKitana Sketches422 Gold Koins
NQQuan Chi Promo Render157 Sapphire Koins
NRHint: BT: Blood Thirsty?425 Sapphire Koins
NSNick Shin270 Ruby Koins
NTArtic Hold275 Gold Koins
NUQuan Chi’s Fortress Sketches254 Onyx Koins
NVKenshi’s Glass Eyes290 Gold Koins
NWNight Wolf Render875 Gold Koins
NXDamnation Charcoal365 Sapphire Koins
NYBrian Lebaron281 Sapphire Koins
NZThe Mine Arena Concept446 Gold Koins
OAMovie Storyboards 1 of 8105 Onyx Koins
OBMovie Storyboards 2 of 8248 Platinum Koins
OCMovie Storyboards 3 of 8322 Gold Koins
ODMovie Storyboards 4 of 8288 Ruby Koins
OEMovie Storyboards 5 of 8326 Jade Koins
OFMovie Storyboards 6 of 8412 Sapphire Koins
OGMovie Storyboards 7 of 8266 Onyx Koins
OHMovie Storyboards 8 of 8224 Platinum Koins
OIMidway Movie Group263 Jade Koins
OJInteractive Arena Concept462 Onyx Koins
OKEmpty326 Jade Koins
OLEvil Masters Sketch136 Platinum Koins
OM177 Jade Koins88 Ruby Koins
ONQuan Chi Sketches227 Jade Koins
OOMortal Kandies274 Onyx Koins
OP125 Gold Koins24 Jade Koins
OQMK4 Logo Treatment95 Sapphire Koins
ORAlan Villani450 Platinum Koins
OSEmpty166 Onyx Koins
OT222 Onyx Koins47 Onyx Koins
OUBack to School with MK338 Ruby Koins
OVReptile’s Lair Concept96 Onyx Koins
OWFallen Giants Arena Sketch422 Sapphire Koins
OX352 Gold Koins352 Ruby Koins
OYBlade Arena Test218 Sapphire Koins
OZHint: IS: Ice Sword243 Platinum Koins
PALung Hai Temple Concept272 Ruby Koins
PB6 Platinum Koins12 Gold Koins
PCFootball Raiden20 Sapphire Koins
PD1056 Platinum Koins461 Ruby Koins
PEKung Lao Render Test392 Ruby Koins
PFReptile’s De-Evolution343 Ruby Koins
PGPaulo Garcia442 Ruby Koins
PHAlternate Costume: Bo’ Rai Cho1200 Onyx Koins
PIHint: HP: Haunted Place638 Jade Koins
PJDrum Arena Details292 Onyx Koins
PK475 Platinum Koins157 Platinum Koins
PLDojo Concept Sketch382 Gold Koins
PMKenshi Sketch253 Platinum Koins
PNSecret Character: Blaze684 Onyx Koins
PO108 Gold Koins71 Ruby Koins
PPMK Gear516 Sapphire Koins
PQLava Shrine Sketch283 Sapphire Koins
PR25 Sapphire Koins11 Platinum Koins
PSMoloch the Hobbyist294 Jade Koins
PTSlaughter Yard Concept207 Ruby Koins
PU267 Onyx Koins175 Ruby Koins
PVEmpty206 Sapphire Koins
PWSecret Arena: Sarna Ruins2006 Sapphire Koins
PXGoro Statuette493 Onyx Koins
PYBackstage: MK Mythologies316 Ruby Koins
PZLava Shrine Sketch186 Jade Koins
QAQuality Assurance: Chicago142 Sapphire Koins
QBMavado Sketches272 Jade Koins
QCLin Kuei Temple216 Platinum Koins
QDMK4 Arena Concept268 Sapphire Koins
QEEmpty346 Gold Koins
QFMKDA Hats and Shirts311 Ruby Koins
QGHint: LL: Lurking Lizard251 Ruby Koins
QH638 Onyx Koins342 Jade Koins
QILung Hai Temple Sketch192 Sapphire Koins
QJEmpty49 Ruby Koins
QKKenshi244 Ruby Koins
QLMK3 Promo Art488 Sapphire Koins
QMMK1 Characters644 Jade Koins
QN147 Gold Koins96 Gold Koins
QOFan Art: 1 of 51616 Gold Koins
QPFan Art: 2 of 51214 Jade Koins
QQFan Art: 3 of 5950 Ruby Koins
QRFan Art: 4 of 5512 Sapphire Koins
QSFan Art: 5 of 5825 Onyx Koins
QTMK1 Get Over Here!58 Onyx Koins
QUMK4 Logo Designs346 Gold Koins
QVReptile’s Past318 Gold Koins
QWMK2 Arcade233 Ruby Koins
QXAlternate Outfit: Hsu Hao1518 Jade Koins
QYMKDA at E3 Expo238 Gold Koins
QZQuan Chi’s Fortress501 Jade Koins
RAHint: XG: Ex-God268 Gold Koins
RBRobert Blum253 Platinum Koins
RCMidway Creative Media272 Ruby Koins
RDAlternative Costume: Mavado1455 Jade Koins
REMK3 Print Ad107 Sapphire Koins
RFSwamp Bird Test Video135 Jade Koins
RGSub-Zero Sketch187 Gold Koins
RHBridge Arena Concept208 Jade Koins
RI28 Jade Koins61 Onyx Koins
RJMKDA Print Ads189 Gold Koins
RKEvolution of Kombat1000 Jade Koins
RL159 Onyx Koins5 Ruby Koins
RMKautan Palace Sketch182 Onyx Koins
RN208 Gold Koins203 Platinum Koins
RO1 Ruby27 Gold Koins
RPMK1 Test Your Might31 Sapphire Koins
RQShang Tsung Sketches225 Onyx Koins
RRShang Tsung’s Palace Sketch224 Sapphire Koins
RSRandy Severin267 Platinum Koins
RT258 Platinum Koins374 Gold Koins
RULava Shrine Sketch176 Onyx Koins
RVMK Musik307 Sapphire Koins
RWShang Tsung’s Palace Sketch262 Ruby Koins
RXEmpty105 Sapphire Koins
RYMavado Sketch274 Onyx Koins
RZ437 Gold Koins317 Sapphire Koins
SASecret Character: Jax Briggs3780 Ruby Koins
SBSteve Beran291 Jade Koins
SCShawn Cooper226 Sapphire Koins
SDQuality Assurance: San Diego326 Onyx Koins
SEReptile’s Sword308 Platinum Koins
SFShang Tsung’s Insouls138 Jade Koins
SG97 Platinum Koins94 Ruby Koins
SHAlternate Outfit: Sonya Blade1834 Ruby Koins
SITiamat Sketch292 Sapphire Koins
SJMK4 Scorpion353 Onyx Koins
SKJax Preliminary Model176 Sapphire Koins
SLTools and Technology117 Sapphire Koins
SMMKDA Print Ad56 Jade Koins
SNQuan Chi175 Gold Koins
SOMKDA Promo Pieces2 Sapphire Koins
SPEmpty63 Gold Koins
SQPeptic Thunder167 Platinum Koins
SRMK4 Goro vs. Cage342 Ruby Koins
SSKung Lao Dragon Sword214 Platinum Koins
STSarna Ruins Test153 Jade Koins
SUKenshi’s Story Sketch106 Sapphire Koins
SV36 Sapphire Koins145 Ruby Koins
SWAlternate Outfit: Drahmin1152 Jade Koins
SXMK4 Arcade Marquee215 Onyx Koins
SYCyrax’s Arm486 Onyx Koins
SZKung Lao322 Sapphire Koins
TATodd Allen177 Ruby Koins
TBQuan Chi’s Fortress Sketches259 Platinum Koins
TCPalace Exterior Sketch135 Onyx Koins
TD172 Platinum Koins118 Ruby Koins
TECharacter Concepts261 Gold Koins
TFMK4 Characters470 Jade Koins
TGTony Goskie262 Gold Koins
THKonquest Mode Concepts282 Gold Koins
TISecret Character: Nitara4022 Gold Koins
TJKoin Sketches259 Sapphire Koins
TKHint: RD: Red Dragon94 Sapphire Koins
TLAcid Bath Sketch360 Jade Koins
TMHsu Hao Sketches251 Ruby Koins
TNEarly MKDA211 Ruby Koins
TOEarly MKDA316 Jade Koins
TPEarly MKDA Jax294 Onyx Koins
TQEarly MKDA Scorpion616 Platinum Koins
TRMKDA Promo Image392 Jade Koins
TSArtists352 Onyx Koins
TTTest Your Might Sketch147 Platinum Koins
TU98 Onyx Koins197 Gold Koins
TVWu Shi Academy Sketches273 Onyx Koins
TW180 Gold Koins129 Ruby Koins
TXGoro’s Throne Sketch167 Gold Koins
TYBaraka390 Gold Koins
TZAnimators195 Gold Koins
UAMK4 PC Version205 Jade Koins
UBAlternate Outfit: Frost1261 Gold Koins
UC320 Onyx Koins3 Sapphire Koins
UDDrahmin Sketch252 Gold Koins
UEHint: WT: Winged Transport210 Gold Koins
UFMK4 Liu Kang Fatality371 Gold Koins
UG67 Platinum Koins245 Onyx Koins
UHAlternate Costume: Scorpion1660 Jade Coins
UICooking with Scorpion270 Platinum Koins
UJGoro on the Kit225 Sapphire Koins
UK45 Platinum Koins35 Onyx Koins
ULKai Sketch252 Jade Koins
UM50 Gold Koins33 Platinum Koins
UNMK4 Print Ad152 Sapphire Koins
UOMK Trading Cards243 Jade Koins
UPMK Trading Cards406 Ruby Koins
UQUndefeatable Army185 Ruby Koins
URSecret Character: Drahmin6500 Sapphire Koins
US32 Sapphire Koins72 Platinum Koins
UTBridge Arena Concept157 Onyx Koins
UUEmpty1214 Jade Koins
UV520 Sapphire Koins256 Jade Koins
UWMKDA at E3 Expo255 Gold Koins
UXScorpion509 Onyx Koins
UYMK Hits the Big Screen359 Jade Koins
UZ107 Ruby Koins78 Onyx Koins
VAShao Kahn’s Armor299 Platinum Koins
VBBlaze Sketch116 Ruby Koins
VC3 PT Staff, Butterfly Knives209 Jade Koins
VDAikido152 Ruby Koins
VEBaji Quan and Crab173 Gold Koins
VFBasic Fighting Strikes212 Sapphire Koins
VGBasic Fighting Strikes362 Onyx Koins
VHBroadswords72 Platinum Koins
VICudgel184 Jade Koins
VJDrunken Master58 Ruby Koins
VKDragon and Eagle Claw268 Gold Koins
VLEscrima and Crane180 Sapphire Koins
VMShuai Chiao and Shaolin Fist198 Onyx Koins
VNHapkido and Nan Chuan86 Platinum Koins
VOHookswords and Sai247 Jade Koins
VPHung Gar and Jujutsu356 Ruby Koins
VQJojutsu241 Gold Koins
VRJudo174 Sapphire Koins
VSKali Sticks and Nanchaku21 Onyx Koins
VTKama and Katara405 Platinum Koins
VUKarate180 Jade Koins
VVLong Fist and Muay Thai192 Ruby Koins
VWMotion Capture Markers162 Gold Koins
VXPi Gua and Jeet Kune Do248 Sapphire Koins
VYPraying Mantis: Lui He Ba Fa35 Onyx Koins
VZSambo223 Platinum Koins
WAStraight Sword194 Jade Koins
WBTai Chi242 Ruby Koins
WCTae Kwon Do156 Gold Koins
WDTonfa186 Sapphire Koins
WETong Bei and Yuan Yang186 Onyx Koins
WFWing Chun and Snake214 Platinum Koins
WGXing Yi and Tang Soo Do186 Jade Koins
WH18 Ruby Koins24 Platinum Koins
WIKonquest Concept Sketch242 Jade Koins
WJ248 Sapphire Koins165 Gold Koins
WKFrost Sketches76 Platinum Koins
WL44 Jade Koins22 Gold Koins
WMEmpty36 Ruby Koins
WNSub-Zero143 Sapphire Koins
WOAcid Buddha Detail270 Ruby Koins
WPDrahmin Sketches247 Ruby Koins
WQ78 Onyx Koins151 Sapphire Koins
WRMK3 Home Version125 Ruby Koins
WS165 Platinum Koins44 Onyx Koins
WTSecret Arena: Dragonfly1400 Jade Koins
WULung Hai Temple Sketches256 Onyx Koins
WV97 Jade Koins424 Jade Koins
WWDragon Arena Concept262 Jade Koins
WXHsu Hao Implant315 Gold Koins
WYBo’ Rai Cho Sketches264 Sapphire Koins
WZKano145 Onyx Koins
XAThe Grid172 Gold Koins
XBCage Sketch272 Platinum Koins
XCQuan Chi’s Sanctum Sketch352 Sapphire Koins
XDAcid Buddha Detail326 Gold Koins
XE294 Onyx Koins147 Onyx Koins
XFMortal Kombat Gold Characters265 Gold Koins
XGSecret Character: Raiden3116 Jade Koins
XHCyrax Sketches352 Onyx Koins
XIMK 3 Behind the Scenes457 Platinum Koins
XJQuan Chi Render197 Platinum Koins
XKHint: DS: Death Ship37 Jade Koins
XL3 Ruby Koins843 Onyx Koins
XMHint: SA: Steel Arms254 Sapphire Koins
XNEmpty27 Gold Koins
XOAlternate Outfit: Reptile1736 Sapphire Koins
XPMK4 Gift Cards436 Gold Koins
XQRaiden Performance Audio199 Jade Koins
XRKonquest Mode Concepts288 Ruby Koins
XSKung Lao Sketch283 Platinum Koins
XTMK3 Characters65 Jade Koins
XUMortal Friday194 Onyx Koins
XVOrganic Arena Concept503 Onyx Koins
XWBaraka’s Demise96 Ruby Koins
XXShao Kahn’s Medal365 Onyx Koins
XYShang Tsung’s Palace Story55 Platinum Koins
XZMarsh Concept255 Onyx Koins
YAAlternate Outfit: Sub-Zero1999 Sapphire Koins
YBKetchup and Mustard358 Jade Koins
YCMoloch Promo Render257 Platinum Koins
YDMK Stickers and Tattoos412 Gold Koins
YETemple Oarsman274 Platinum Koins
YF64 Platinum Koins16 Platinum Koins
YGSwamplands Test Render312 Sapphire Koins
YH82 Sapphire Koins78 Jade Koins
YIMK2 Arcade Marquee197 Gold Koins
YJAlternate Outfit: Kung Lao1208 Ruby Koins
YKDragon Fly Concept225 Platinum Koins
YLJax Concept Sketch199 Jade Koins
YMAlternate Outfit: Kenshi1435 Platinum Koins
YN26 Gold Koins61 Ruby Koins
YOSonya Sketch294 Sapphire Koins
YPSecret Character: Mokap511 Gold Koins
YQTools and Technology146 Gold Koins
YRMK3 Home Version143 Gold Koins
YS10 Worst MKDA Subtitles151 Platinum Koins
YT227 Sapphire Koins384 Sapphire Koins
YUMK4 Comic Book374 Platinum Koins
YVGraveyard Concept86 Platinum Koins
YWFashion Model Li Mei376 Gold Koins
YX242 Ruby Koins83 Gold Koins
YYEmpty85 Ruby Koins
YZKenshi Test Render255 Onyx Koins
ZAEmpty63 Onyx Koins
ZBSpider Arena Concept106 Gold Koins
ZCFrost Color Sketches218 Platinum Koins
ZDSecret Arena: Moloch’s Lair98 Ruby Koins
ZEZebron257 Jade Koins
ZFLava Shrine Sketch237 Ruby Koins
ZGFacial Animation Test201 Onyx Koins
ZHThe Krypt Concept372 Sapphire Koins
ZIHell Concept432 Jade Koins
ZJWater Temple Concept272 Onyx Koins
ZK164 Sapphire Koins216 Ruby Koins
ZLDrum Arena Sketch126 Jade Koins
ZMAlternate Outfit: Jax1410 Ruby Koins
ZNEmpty145 Sapphire Koins
ZOHint: LO: Log On466 Jade Koins
ZPMK1 Print Ad129 Jade Koins
ZQSub-Zero Promo Render282 Jade Koins
ZR600 Gold Koins244 Sapphire Koins
ZSMK Home Graphics381 Sapphire Koins
ZTAnimators215 Sapphire Koins
ZUKuatan Palace Sketch201 Platinum Koins
ZV116 Ruby Koins182 Onyx Koins
ZWAlternate Outfit: Cyrax1485 Sapphire Koins
ZXHint: BD: Black Dragon718 Ruby Koins
ZYThe Fans Speak186 Platinum Koins
ZZ355 Ruby Koins254 Gold Koins

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